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Thanks for checking out the Write for Us page. We really appreciate your interest in contributing to the jumper blog.


We’re always on the lookout for great authors and articles, but we’re also pretty selective about what we publish.


I’m gonna run you through a couple of details around what we look for, then move on to the process, before hitting you with what’s in it for you and the next steps.


What We Publish


jumper is a social commerce tool.

We focus on a couple of key areas which include:

  • Social media marketing
  • E-commerce and Social Commerce
  • Uncommon tips for the major social media networks


As for article format, we only accept pieces that adhere to the below:

  • Long-form, in-depth analysis/education of at least 1500 words (2000+ preferably)
    • These long-form pieces must include multiple images and have relevant sources cited
  • Listicles around social commerce tools and actions to increase sales
  • Walkthroughs
    • - If you’ve got a process to help people make more money through social channels then we’d be very interested in publishing
  • Infographics and reports on social media marketing, chatbots and e-commerce.


What We Don’t Publish


We will not publish anything that is not 100% original. That means no syndicated content and no republishing of images or infographics.

We also will not publish anything that is a hard sell of your tool, service, or product.

You can feature a product within your article, but value has to be the primary focus.

We also will not publish pieces that are obvious attempts at generating numerous backlinks to your or a client’s site.


What You Get


All writers will have their article attributed to them and we’ll include 1 no follow link within their author bio.

We’ll also add your article into our promotional strategy and may repurpose it under our publication on Medium.


Who You Are?


We’re looking for experienced writers with something of value to share with the wider social media marketing community.

You must have a track record of writing in-depth pieces that offer a real benefit to the reader.

Here are a few examples of the kind of content we’ll publish.

  1. https://blog.jumper.ai/storytelling-improve-social-sales/
  2. https://blog.jumper.ai/facebook-messengers-new-rules-profitability/
  3. https://blog.jumper.ai/why-you-need-social-commerce/


How to Apply to Write for the jumper.ai Blog



Next Steps


Once you’ve filled out the below someone from our editorial team will be in touch to either move forward with this or to let you know you’ve not been successful.

If we move forward, we’ll work together on an outline before you write out the full thing.

Then there will be some editing rounds to ensure this is the best piece it can be.


Good luck, and speak soon!

The jumper.ai editorial team.