Andrew: Hey guys, Andrew here from Jumper, e-commerce platform that helps you sell directly through social media and chatbots and today in masters of e-commerce entrepreneurs, I have Zack Farris, and the man is, you know, he hails from Texas, he’s a big Texas A&M guy, grad degree in marketing and sports management.

I met him at the many chat conference and, I think if I recall Texas was playing Texas A&M; that day on that weekend down there. He says he’s got a six-figure digital marketing firm or runs into six-figure digital marketing firm and for the past eight years he’s been running Blue Falco marketing, he’s a real estate investor, in addition to the works with local businesses helping them grow using paid advertising social building funnels and creating leads he’s a chatbot wizard, and also has got a Facebook page called Zach Ferris fan, and then he’s also a snapchat expert and when I connected with you and you can fill in the gaps that I’ve done, when I connected with him at the show he’s like yeah snapchat I’m doing it making it’s working great have incredible ROI on him like really.

I was telling me more tell me more I was totally intrigued in what Zach had done and it was amazing so after the show we decided to connect and he’s here to share with us about snapchat and making money turn that into a beast, and what really it’s great about that as you can do the swipe ups with jumper so it makes it even easier to sell so Zack, thanks for coming on dude, and you know fill in any gaps that I missed in our opening intro.

Zack: Yeah no, so honestly, I’ve only been with Blue Falcon marketing for one year

Andrew: Okay

Andrew: Yeah, but I previously I owned an insurance agency for five years, that’s where that’s where I really came to really generating leads, I was actually generating leads for our own agency for insurance and so that’s when I really became intrigued by the lead generation side and running ads and you know just we had incredible ROI, we had a team of 12.

I would just have two or three two or three of my guys just call, on all these leads that were coming in and we just saw extreme ROI at that time you know for Facebook and you know over the years just like you know that Facebook Ads have gone up they call, oh it led me to kind of research and play with other platforms and I heard a guy who and actually heard another guy, forgot his name, I think he’s well known the snapchat industry for doing ads but, he was like you can do ads on snapchat and, I am like what?

When he told me that I just started to play with it myself you know, I outsourced to a guy on fiverr, honestly and he made some of the swipe up videos for me started running some campaigns for some e-commerce stuff I was selling as an affiliate for, just freaking blew up you know like I told you at the conference and I have a screen share I could get ready to show you everybody I spend $95 and 82 cents and I had 53200 impressions with 812 swipe up. Ultimately led to a lot of money coming in.

Andrew: Yeah I could imagine for 95! I was intrigued about I was like, oh my gosh really I’ve got some products, I want to try and move and you’ve always heard like you know snapchat doesn’t work, it’s got the wrong demographics but then you were talking about the targeting and everything like that which was quite incredible, when you said that you can find people who had shop but at the in the last 30 days or Amazon or last 30, I mean that that’s like really great targeting now that like, Facebook has taken a lot of that stuff away.

Zack: Yeah, it’s awesome man so can you see my screen right now?

Andrew: I can I can,

Zack: Okay awesome so what I’m going to do I’m just gonna kind of go through as if I was creating a new ad, with snapchat so you know you can do quick and easy I usually do advanced because that’s where it allows you to do more of the targeting, you can do it on either one but see if you if you look at the layout it’s pretty similar to Facebook when you say?

Andrew: Yes, I would have to say it is.

Zack: See it says that the same exact thing we’re on the campaign setting they have awareness consideration, conversions, you know typically when you’re starting out any new campaign this is a new platform, always tell people just to do drive traffic to their website that’s typically what I’ll do a grand the minimum daily as spending is different so, alright Facebook’s you know you can run it for a dollar a day I’m snapchat it’s $50 a day.

Yep, that’s the minimum so, after I do that, I’ll go to build ad and, you have kind of the same exact thing you at the Facebook they’re very similar.

Andrew: It so much easier than Facebook in a sense it’s less cluttered and yeah and again you just to the thing, I mean simplify that.

Zack: Exactly so you know you have all snapchat or you can edit the placement, so where you can put it only and publisher stories, our stories, included excluded things, beauty fashion entertainment, food, general lifestyle, men’s lifestyle, fork, you know you have all the different placements you can have it run.

Personally you know this is my favorite so it says you know eventually I think they’re going to expand this but, the thing that makes it different than Facebook too, is that you can only target in your country that you are living in, so you know you see I’m in the United States it doesn’t let me target outside the United States.

You can use major metros, postal code, location category, let’s say you did that, you can literally go to the airport. Wow barbecue restaurant baby thor’s bakeries bars and nightclubs so, don’t you see how this could be very useful if you’re having the ecom business when you’re really trying to target specific location this is huge.

Andrew: Yeah, I mean that that’s incredible like I mean candy store I mean like oh my gosh that’s awesome

Zack: Yes, I but that’s the way that what really intrigued me to snapchat man it’s the demographic that we can start in here are some of the others I wanted to tell you real quick, you can still you can still target people by income if Facebook took that away from us. We can target high network people mom’s new parent’s small business decision-makers, I mean everything education household income life event.

Andrew: Yeah, all the stuff all the good stuff Facebook took away you have it here.

Zack: Exactly well this is my personal favorite the predefined audiences, this what I really mentioned to you can you can go buy shoppers, so that data logic and Nielsen they look they have apparel shoppers, so I mean I have a there’s a company there’s a company that I sell, superhero performance apparel okay so I have a I had just had a swipe up video run apparel shoppers for that one, and then they have like you know different things from Nielsen apparel buyers, entertainment, the list goes on

Andrew: My gosh that’s amazing and it looks like you do custom audience as well I see huh?

Zack: Yes, so if you go up you know there is snap pixel which is installed, you can do that as well so where you pixel for a certain event, and then you said that the custom audiences yes you can do that though

Andrew: Okay so is that that pixel is very much like Facebook’s pixel, where you just put that on the pages that you want, and then you can if they land on a thank you paged and that’s considered a conversion if they get to other page and you can retarget them I guess.

Zack: Right so like let me just show you really quick, the setup for a pixel okay so you know look it looks pretty similar, just different coding of course and once you would copy that and you go you can go to finish or you can look at the documentation.

The documentation it goes and shows you about all the it gives you actual code of code examples so I go over here like let’s go to purchase, here’s the purchase even example that it gets me, and so where it says you see where it says all this X, yeah that’s it that’s gonna be your ad account ID.

Andrew: Okay so do you put your ad account ID in oh you would put your account ad account ID when you’re posting that to a so you’re copying oh I see it’s already in there okay I see the exit okay all the numbers there so if you’re doing that I’m doing conversion on a sale then you would put this on a sale page as the purchase or a thank you page

Zack: Correct yes sir that’s what I just okay well yeah that’s only and then you just create your own ad run it and then sit back and hopefully you get the results as you did.

Andrew: Can you layer the interest like you do in Facebook like you like this and this and this kind of stuff war, like you know what type of thing or is it more just you hit the one you do the one interest and then you’re kind of set it and you’re done?

Zack: You can put multiple interests and things like that that’s what you’re asking, yeah you don’t have to just put one.

Andrew: And now in terms of like when you’re running the ads do you find that when you’re running the ads do you have multiple ones of the same one can you run like a split test of them or is it just single ads?

Zack: No you can you can absolutely split that for sure, ill actually encourage that, you can do a lot, you can do like a video for the swipe up or you can just do you know different takes on it like a slideshow of different pictures what everyone’s gonna make somebody swipe up to get more information.

Andrew: Okay cool and you put the link into the ad and then and then they basically swipe up and it takes them to that URL to either, whatever because that’s kind of really where I see jumper coming to make it you can create those products in jumper and then from there you can just literally put the link to swipe up and then the by engine starts so you don’t have to leave the page and with jumper itself the buttons, you know the ad you know the whole buying experience they’re all in yellow so it’s sort of mimics snapchat which is kind of a cool thing.

Zack: Yeah that’s awesome, yeah

Andrew: So that’s pretty awesome so and how long have you been doing, it was no so in terms of getting your video done and all that kind of stuff did you provide the images and then the guy just sort of creates it and sends it back to you and what’s the turnaround time when you go if you say you’re looking on Fiverr are there tips to finding good people to do snap snapchat videos and things like that?

Zack: Well honestly I just know the guy that I just googled on I mean I just look searched on snapchat yeah I mean, I’m Fiverr for snapchat ads, I you know I chose three or four different people just to do ads and this guy did the best one from so you know that’s the guy I used honestly there’s not really it’s kind of like anything you choose who you want to do business with and see if they’re good if they’re not then you know not to use them again you know

Andrew: Right and so how did how long do you like run your ass to know that they’re winners or heroes or duds, I mean is there any sort of length of time that you’re running these things that you know that they’re winners or did this right out of the gate because it looks like I mean looking at these stats I mean right out the gate it became like a hero.

Zack: Yeah I mean this the ad I am showing you was literally the first ad I ran all right now, I don’t you know I don’t think it’s always gonna work like that, but you know this is just one of the rare occurrence that happened to me I just had only spent $95.82 cents and I started saying you know strike pop-ups coming you know people behind and I was like holy crap so evidently I picked the target audience right out the gate yeah.

Andrew: I think that’s the key right I think you come up with the winning product and then knowing your audience right, I mean I think that’s kind of the key it’s like oh let’s say anything with Facebook but yeah just knowing that right target and the affinity kind of group that they’re in makes a huge difference and, you can get spike spikes like this now so you ran this it looks like for a few days, did it just did you just kill it after that kind of stuff or did it just sort of died out?

Zack: No, I just killed it honestly, there’s not really a reason I just I had I had a bunch of stuff going on I’m I was going to conferences and stuff and I just I could let it run on autopilot, I just I haven’t really no reason.

Andrew: Right all right I guess you can always pick it up and start it again kind of stuff as well which is awesome.

Zack: Yeah, I did create a custom audience for it, I’d already uploaded people who have bought previously from Inca and then so that’s probably the theory that I had a lot of slides up.

Andrew: Right okay, was it a physical product it was a digital product what was it

Zack: No, it was for a Webinar.

Andrew: Okay

Zack: They basically sell my course and of course on how to tell me out and start your own ad agency.

Andrew: Okay cool, yeah and in that in that kind of drug drove them in got the leads in there and started to sell through that ’s cool that’s awesome. So now that you had success with that I mean you have you have other clients come on and ask to like a kind of do, hey Zack and you kind of do more of these kinds of ads for us?

Zack: Yeah so actually when I mention at the conference the week before we signed us a major franchise there a pizza restaurant, pizza chain and we talk to them about snapchat and they really like the idea of doing it so, we’re probably going to be you know spending you know hundreds of thousands of dollars in Adsense for the corporate channel to run Facebook ads for this pizza company and we are going to target, you know we’re going to target everybody so right one of the things that one of the things that we’re going to do is we’re going to give them to swipe up and then put them into a messenger bot.

Andrew: okay so it is the goal of the of the thing to basically, you know get them to join their onto their messenger list and then give them a coupon for doing that or is it some sort of giveaway, like what’s sort of the goals or have that’s not really kind of been defined.

Zack: Yeah so, the first campaign I mean I haven’t gotten corporate approval on it yet but the two campaigns that were thinking about doing is like a birthday campaign, where they’ll get like a free pizza on their birthday.

The other campaign will be just your blank here yeah oh and the other campaigns gonna be like buy one get one about one time deal that’s gonna experiment with two different ones, they really want to grow their list, I explained the importance of growing their subscribers because they can retarget they look like audiences you know right better up to them and they’re really fascinated by that so they’re all about getting subscribers now right that got their goal.

Andrew: Right so their goal is to get subscribers and then take those and put them into their channels like they normally would do on that kind of stuff, okay and then retargeting through throughout traditional media, I guess to their emails through, Facebook through snapchat I guess kinds of stuff like that to get them to re-engage with the brand.

Zack: Yeah, I mean we’re gonna do it from all from all angles man we’re gonna do Facebook ads we’re gonna put them in a messenger bot, and we’re gonna also retarget on Facebook and snapchat.

Andrew: Okay cool yeah I think there’s a lot of you know a lot of use cases with that kind of stuff for sure, I think so we’ll the coupon codes then be something that they are, random the vacant redeem at the place and then they can record those on their point-of-sale system is that kind of how that would kind of work?

Zack: Well I’m actually doing it through the messenger bot, and the mobile wallet that talked about.

Andrew: Oh, right okay so you are doing that

Zack: Yes, you know in his program the Platinum program for him for a mobile wallet and runner and it’s working pretty well so that’s what we’re gonna do for this campaign for these people they don’t really have you know they have an e-rewards program but it’s not good

Andrew: Right yeah don’t know how to do anything, so yeah with the digital strategy like this is like wow which is awesome, yeah the remarketing the whole Facebook message of the open rate all that stuff is really important to get them into that funnel to resell which is really cool in snapchat, I mean I can see snapchat as being a great demographic for them because you know 2018, 20 whatever 34 year-old kind of person that probably is on that as one in one channel I mean there’s all these Facebook and Instagram and all those other ones all.

Zack: Right for sure

Andrew: Which is cool awesome cool well bit so let me ask you, I got a question so soon this like you know in terms of yourself, you know we’re in terms of like tools and stuff that you know of yours that you use daily basis to elevate your business so there one tool in particular that you know it’s your go-to kind of tool he is daily?

Zack: Well I’m really big on automation, so if there’s one thing that you could use to automate to make your life easier and not having deals much with its Zapier.

Andrew: Zapier right yeah that’s it that’s a gravelly great tool of choice isn’t we can automate everything with Zapier, which is for sure and then like for yourself like where do you in terms of like books or blogs or what do you stay current with, is there like one side is there a blogs there books website that you kind of your go-to kind of thing?

Zack: Honestly not really I just I just really keep up with all the, I just follow snapchat and Facebook, Instagram, I get Google Alert for those so anytime, I can update the update comes out for the company and they announce it or something’s coming I usually get alerted about it through my email from Google Alerts and I really you know and honestly I just, I just follow other digital marketers and hear what they’re saying see and then I research for myself to make sure that what they’re saying is correct, 50 not a lot of these there’s a lot of digital markers out there and say stuff and then they’re like right not right at all so right

Andrew: Yeah there’s you have to kind of read between the lines and you got to trust who you know right I mean kind of want to eat things there’s a lot of BS guys out there.

Zack: Who won’t stop

Andrew: Years ago and keep it like oh man if you get the newer guys on there right so, worked two years ago but not now right so, if when you’re like that dominating the world where could people bump into you.

Zack: Dude Starbucks honestly, probably every morning about 6:00 a.m. and that’s where I have my I call it my quiet time in my coffee I just go in a read personally, I read the Bible and then I read just another book, just a book of the week or something I’m reading and right now, I’m actually reading where the I’m reading it’s called the one thing by Gary

Andrew: Oh yeah, it’s a great book, fantastic book and one of my favorites

Zack: Already read it multiple times but I just you know there’s always something new I learn every time I go back to it

Andrew: Yeah those are class that’s a classic book that like if people haven’t read that the one thing by Gary Keller you got to read it I mean even though he’s a real estate guy it really pertains to lots of other things, it’s all about the domino and like keeping focused and really it’s really, it’s really cool it’s a great book, it’s one of my favorites, there’s another one that’s that I really like basically giving Starbucks a shout it’s called the Starbucks experience, have you ever have you read that?

Andrew: I think so that’s like what’s-his-name via the owner of the other thing Schultz right he did the Starbucks experience right was his autobiography?

Zack: Yeah you talk about why people keep coming back to Starbucks right has the experience that, yeah really I like it because you can apply that to any business, now you want to make no matter what type of business you run or you have it people are gonna come and do business with you or come to your business because of the experience they have with you.

Andrew: Right yeah, for sure, yeah 100% so if people do want to reach out to you, Zack where can they reach out you? what’re the best channels?

Zack: Find me on Facebook just look me up, I have a fan page it’s Zack Farris fan, or send me a friend request, I’m currently purging a lot of my friends, I usually do that you know that once a year I’ll go through and purge people, I haven’t talked to in a while or they haven’t talked to me and you know, I’m really looking to connect with people who are like-minded and have goals and ambitions to make the world a better place really.

Andrew: Awesome, Hey Zack, thanks so much for sharing that was a fantastic tour of snapchat if you guys need anything you know you know where to hit up Zack he’s always there

Zack: Right yeah find me on snapchat too.

Andrew: Why not

Zack: @bzackfarris

Andrew: Cool awesome but what was good talking and let’s chat a little bit later all right.

Zack: all right, appreciate Andrew.