Chatbots are the Hansel of the marketing world… so hot right now.

Chatbots, marketing

Everyone from the smallest brand sot the biggest influencers are going crazy for these automated bad boys. And it’s pretty obvious why.

Messenger Marketing, Conversational Commerce, and Social Commerce are killing it right now.

They have much higher engagement rates, are massively outperforming email for transactional messages, and most importantly are what your customers want.

Chatbots, engagement

The immediate response of chatbots provides a much better customer service. They appeal to the modern user’s need for prompt answers and impulse actions.

And if the growth trends to this point are anything to go by, then selling through social is going to keep moving from strength to strength.

But there’s a problem.

Whilst usage, engagement, and clicks are off the charts, a lot of folk are still having trouble in turning Conversational Commerce into $$$ in the bank.

The Problem with Monetizing Chatbots

There are some absolutely incredible tools out there to help you with your Messenger marketing.  ManyChat is one of the biggest players in the game and they’re doing an awesome job of helping brands of all sizes nurture their users to the point where they’re ready to purchase.

But there’s a big problem with monetizing ManyChat.

ManyChat’s initial service was to help people set up automated chatbots. Quick and easy solutions to nurture customers and help them get the information they need quickly.

Their commerce integrations are a secondary service, one which many of the users struggle to properly implement. It only takes a quick search in their community to see the problems with taking payments through the platform.

Manychat, payments, ecommerce

I have nothing against ManyChat. I think for brands who rely on information or who need immediate customer service, it’s the best Messenger marketing service around.

However, for stores who are looking to generate revenue, their chatbot solution falls short of the mark thanks to limited, and buggy, payment integrations.

It’s this gap we aimed to close with  jumper. We’re built from the ground up to focus solely on helping brands sell more through their social accounts, even if they don’t have a store.

You still get the awesome, immediate responses you would from any other chatbot, but with dedicated and tested payment integrations (emphasis on the plural there).

But most exciting of all is our new integration to help you benefit from the best print on demand service – Printful.

But before I get into the details, let’s first look at what exactly print on demand is.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand is a business model where printed items such as t-shirts, pictures, leggings etc are printed not en masse, but when the customer orders them.

It helps drastically cut down on upfront costs as you’re not ordering your items in bulk. This is a huge benefit to small brands who want to first test a product in a new market to see if it’ll sell. It keeps costs and risk low, but doesn’t reduce the potential for massive profit and gain.

Print on demand

Print on demand allows you to remain more agile with your business. You can quickly pivot away from items or designs that aren’t selling with no cost as you’ve not sunk money into getting a large batch printed.

You’re also far less likely to sell out of a product as you simply print more as the user orders.

It’s a much easier way to run a physical product business.

How Can Print on Demand Benefit my Business?

The benefits for clothing, image, or picture brands is obvious. There’s little risk, an abundance of products, and it’s easily scalable.

But what if you’re not in the business of selling something that can be printed on demand. What if you sell something like men’s razors, tech goods, or hair products.

None of these can be printed, so this is a wasted opportunity for you, right?

Not at all.

You just have to think about how you can further your branding through print on demand.

Let’s look at the example for men’s razors and grooming goods and, in particular, BeardBrand.

BeardBrand is an incredible company for men’s grooming goods. And generally speaking, they’re very reasonably priced. You’re looking at ~$15 to ~$80 for most products.

Beardbrand, print on demand

And when you’re talking about beard grooming products, there’s very little in terms of print on demand, right?

Oils and waxes, brushes and scissors. Can’t really print any of those up open demand.

But, if you check out the Beard brand site there’s a category called “represent”. Here you can purchase T-Shirts, posters and more. All of which are lower cost items that are, most probably, printed on demand.

Print on demand for ecommerce

But what’s the point of this for a physical product company?

Well, you could increase the AoV and LTV of your existing customers by selling them something that helps them express their hobbies and beliefs. Of course, having people walk around with your logo on their chest is also a great way to increase the reach of your brand.

Or you could use the $25 shirts as a way to get people interested in beard products into your purchase funnel for later upsells and cross-sells.

Print on demand opens up a whole new world of low-risk merchandise for your business. Merchandise which will not only help you increase the reach and recognition, but also your bottom line profits.

The Simplicity of Print on Demand with Jumper

Ok, so regardless of brand and product there’s potential for you to leverage the low risk, high potential method of print on demand. But how can you get up and running in the most simple of ways.

Well, we’ve got a direct integration with the leading print on demand platform, Printful, that makes turning social media comments into dollars in your pocket super simple.

Here’s a video breakdown of exactly how it works.

Why This ISN’T a Replacement for ManyChat

I could lie and say that the jumper -> Printful integration is the only Messenger Marketing solution you’ll ever need. But that’s not true.

jumper’s focus is not on creating a full nurture funnel through Messenger marketing. What we are is a social commerce solution.

We want to help you turn your social media updates into cold hard cash in your bank in the shortest time possible.

It’s because of this we made sure that jumper plays well with ManyChat, Chatfuel, and any other Conversational Commerce solutions you might be using.

We’re there at the top of the funnel to help you capitalize on raw impulse buys your customers might make. But integrating us into your current marketing efforts won’t mess up the sequences and triggers you have established with other services.

The best way to think of us is as simply another kind of trigger in your Social Commerce campaigns.

Here’s How You Can Learn More

The best method is simply to sign up for a free jumper account and see how it works for your business.

However, if you’d prefer an initial step-by-step walkthrough of exactly how to make the most out of how to sell print on demand directly through social, sign up for our blog newsletter.

We’re in the process of putting together a video course that walks you through the steps you need to set up a social commerce print on demand funnel.

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