Snapchat marketing
Vidcast #16 : Creating Snapchat Marketing and making money

Andrew: Hey guys, Andrew here from Jumper, e-commerce platform that helps you sell directly through social media and chatbots and today in masters of e-commerce entrepreneurs, I have Zack Farris, and the man is, you know, he hails from Texas, he’s a big Texas A&M guy, grad degree in marketing and sports management. I met […]

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VidCast #9 : Sue B. Zimmerman on how to make money with Instagram

  Andrew: cool well guys welcome to masters and e-commerce for entrepreneurs I’m your host Andrew Strauss and I’m here with the queen of Instagram, Susie B Zimmerman, she is amazing I mean, if you have not seen her, I don’t know how you would not know her she is known as the Instagram expert. She is a sought-after their business coach, she has over 30 years of […]

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VidCast #5 : Monetising your Instagram followers with Nick Malak from Ownthegram

ANDREW:             Hey, guys. This is Andrew. I’m here today with Nick Malik from… Nick, what is the name of your company, actually?  NICK:             It’s Ownthegram which is Instagram-related. As soon as you hear Ownthegram, you know it’s Instagram-related.  ANDREW: So, Nick has been like 23, I mean runs a highly successful marketing agency. […]

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