Will Social Commerce Replace Ecommerce
Will Social Commerce Replace Ecommerce?

Video killed the radio star.  Mobile is replacing desktop. Messenger’s gonna kill email. Three huge claims that have, at some point in history, been on everyone’s lips. Three claims which have all seen some level of truth, but have ultimately failed to come to full fruition. I mean, most of us still listen to the […]

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5 Steps to Creating an Automated Social Commerce Funnel

Your business is expected to maintain a smooth, cohesive presence across multiple digital platforms. Most brands can’t meet that expectation. They try, but end up with a disjointed experience. One where each channel has its own goal and doesn’t feed into the next logical step or channel. If you want to sell more products, you […]

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Facebook chatbots
Why Chatbots Will Explode Your Ecommerce Sales

Think about the best offline shopping experiences you’ve had. You’re probably recalling a positive interaction that at some point involved a friendly, helpful salesperson. Whether it’s a basic greeting, guidance while browsing, or simply a hassle-free checkout, we’ve come to expect certain service elements in our offline shopping. Until recently, these were services that ecommerce […]

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