Monetizing your Chatbots with Print on Demand!

Chatbots are the Hansel of the marketing world… so hot right now. Everyone from the smallest brand sot the biggest influencers are going crazy for these automated bad boys. And it’s pretty obvious why. Messenger Marketing, Conversational Commerce, and Social Commerce are killing it right now. They have much higher engagement rates, are massively outperforming […]

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Instagram Ads: The Complete Guide for Ecommerce

The advertising side of Instagram’s business is definitely blooming: by 2019, it might reach over $10 billion. This means one key thing: Instagram advertising works. With an insane pace of releasing new features over the last few years, Instagram has easily become a place for brands to build their presence, tell stories in new and […]

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How to Run Instagram Contests That Convert

For years, people debated the value of social media actions. Is a like worth anything? Does your subscriber count really mean anything? In the last few years, Facebook and Instagram have developed business tools that have armed brands with the means to monetize their audiences and make that debate obsolete. And yet, despite these advancements, […]

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Instagram Marketing tools
The Best Instagram Marketing Tools For Ecommerce

Instagram is no longer an optional channel for ecommerce marketing. With over 1 billion active users since June 2018, Instagram is now among the key platforms for businesses of all sizes and locations. Instagram’s power goes beyond simply reaching and interacting with your audience—it also influences their purchase behavior: The average order value for customers […]

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Advanced Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting

If you want to get in front of new audiences that have yet to fall in love with your products, go with Facebook’s core targeting. If you want to get in front of your existing audiences from almost anywhere on the internet, and those similar to them, and encourage them to buy from you (again), […]

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Facebook ad targeting
The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting

The beauty of the internet lies in its ability to help your store reach anyone in the world. But that can also be a curse. Because while you might want to sell to everyone, not everyone is the right customer for you. Everything from your social profile summaries to the way you talk about your […]

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Messenger, copywriting, Facebook
The Secret to Writing Facebook Messenger Messages That Sell

Facebook Messenger and chatbots are changing the face of marketing. Unprecedented access to data and automation tools has unlocked huge potential for companies, enabling direct communication with their audience. But this potential isn’t easy to maximize. If you’re a business owner looking to capitalize on chatbots, you need to carefully consider your marketing goals, your […]

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Conversion optimisation, facebook, fan page
12 Tips for a high converting Facebook fan page

Where’s the one place you’d find your target audience online (other than your website)? Facebook. With 2.2 billion active users Facebook is by far the largest social network giving almost any business the ability to find their audience. Source But it’s more than just its massive size that makes Facebook an attractive platform for businesses. According […]

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